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Ahmad Shah Abdali and Pir Sabir Shah

In 1747, Pir sabir Shah,a sufi shiekh, proclaimed Ahmad khan of the Abdali tribe Badshah, dur-i-durran.
Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan - Ludwig W. Adamec - Google Books

Khojeh Abdul Kareem provides a very strong historical reference in the person of Muhammad Yar Khan, the mint master of Ahmad Shah Abdali himself as the source of his information for his brief, but important biography of Pir Sabir Shah:
Kareem is discussing the martyrdom of Pir Sabir Shah at the hands of Shah Nawaz of Lahore when the former was sent as an ambassador for terms to the latter by Ahmad Shah Abdali.

"Sabir, the derveish, went into the city of Lahoor, to visit the holy shrines, and see his mother, who resided there; as well as to endeavour to prevail upon the governor to surrender: but lost his life in the attempt. I shall relate the particulars in the manner they were told me by Mohammed Yar Khan, Ahmed Shah’s mintmaster, who was intimately acquainted with the derveish. Baba Sabir, a handsome youth, was the son of a farrier of Lahoor, and having an early inclination to abandon worldly pursuits, left his own country when very young, and travelled to Cabul, Kandahar and Herat. A short time before the murder of Nadir Shah, Baba Sabir was pitching a little tent, and playing like a boy, when they asked him, “Derveish, what are you about?” He answered, “The kingdom of Nadir Shah being at an end, I am setting up the tent of Ahmed Shah.” After the death of Nadir Shah, Ahmed Shah having obtained a kingdom as the derveish had predicted, whatever he asserted afterwards gained universal credit. By his advice, Ahmed Shah assumed the title of Doordowran, or the pearl of the age; from whence he and his Abdallees were afterwards called Dooranee. When they came to Lahoor, the derviesh insisted upon going to the city, notwithstanding all Ahmed Shah’s endeavours to dissuade him from so rash an undertaking. He accordingly set out, attended by Mohammed Yar Khan. When he entered the city of Lahoor, the spies of Shahnowaz Khan brought intelligence, that the magician of Ahmed Shah was come with intention to bewitch all the cannon: He was accordingly seized, and brought before Shahnowaz Khan, who at the intercession of Adeeneh Beg Khan, received him with civility and respect: but not consenting to the derveish’s proposal of surrendering himself to Ahmed Shah, Sabir behaved with such insufferable insolence, that he and Mohammed Yar Khan were committed to prison. The next day Shanowaz Khan’s courtiers persuading him, that he would bring misfortune upon himself by suffering Sabir the magician to live, he gave orders for him to be put to death, and the sentence was executed in a cruel manner. But Mohammed Yar Khan, at the interposition of some of the courtiers of Shahnowaz Khan, to whom he had formerly rendered good offices, was set at liberty. Ahmed Shah was so enraged at the death of his spiritual guide and ambassador, that he instantly crossed the Ravee to attack the enemy’s intrenchments..."
The Memoirs of Khojeh Abdulkareem: Who Accompanied Nadir Shah, on His Return ... - Ê»Abd-al-KarÄ«m KašmÄ«rÄ« - Google Books
Translation: PHI Persian Literature in Translation

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