Thursday, 3 July 2014

"Lodi" dynasty of Multan

Tarikh-i-Farishta, a 17th century source, says that Multan was ruled by an Afghan "Shaikh Hamid Lodi" in 10th century.  The forgerer of Pata Khazana has utilized Tarikh-i-Farishta and has turned nephew of Shaikh Hamid "Lodi" into a Pashto-speaker and Pashto poet.

It has been demonstrated by H.G.Raverty long ago that Lodi was miswriting and Qasim Farihsta mistook Lawi (لوي) for Lodi (لودي) . The 10th century writers Masudi, Istakhari and Iban-i-Hawkal all says that the rulers of Multan were Arabs and they were descended from Usman bin Lawi bin Ghalib, an Arab of the tribe of Quresh.

Masudi visited Multan in 912-913 AD and informs us that it was ruled by Qureshi Arabs, descendants of Usman, bin Lawi, bin Ghalib.

Ibn-i-Hawkal completed his work in 977 AD, writes that Emir of Multan was a Qureshi :-

Hudud-i-Alam of 982 A.D, also informs us that Multan was ruled by a Qureshi :-

Al-Madqisi visited Multan in 985 A.D and reported that ruler of Multan acknowledged Fatmid rulers of Egypt as their Caliphs (i.e they were Qaramites).

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