Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lur Women with Rifle

Bakhtiari-Lur Woman with Rifle - Iran: The founder of the Zand dynasty, Karim Khan Zand (1705-1779) and his warriors were often accompanied by their wives into battle. Lur female sharpshooters participated in the series of wars against the Ghilzai Pashtuns from Afghanistan, who were again contested for persian throne after Nadir shah's Afshar's death.

“…The Afghan officers ridiculed the Zands for this, accusing them of hiding behind their women’s skirts” (Izady, 1992, pp.194).

The Lurs and Zands in particular retained many customs of pre Islamic Iran. Women would fight alongside men in Zand fighting units. There are reports that the wives of Karim Khan and his troops often fought beside them in battle against the Afghans in Nadir Shah shah's times. The Afghans made a point to heap scorn upon zand units who defeated them by chracetrizing their men as "hiding behind their women's skirts"
Iran at War: 1500-1988 By Kaveh Farrokh