Monday, August 11, 2014

Afghan Principality of Maler Kotla (Punjab)

In 1454, Shaikh Sardar ud-din Sardar-i-Jahan, a Sherwani Afghan originating from Daraban received a jagirof 58 villages near Ludhiana and three lakhs of rupees in dowry, after marrying a daughter of Sultan Bahlol Lodhi of Delhi.The founder of the Malerkotla state was Bayazid Khan, descendent of Sardar ud-din, who rose high in rank in the Mughal army. Saving the life of the Emperor Aurangzeb from an attacking tiger, he received high honours and recognition as an independent ruler. He was granted the right to construct a defensive fort, which he named Malerkotla, from which the state took its name.

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