Sunday, 19 October 2014

History of Kohat under Sikhs

The Sikhs, on occupying the country, found themselves unable to levy revenue from the mountaineers. Ranjit Singh placed Sultan Muhammad Khan in a position of importance at Peshawar, and made him a grant of Kohat, Hangu, and Teri. One Rasul Khan became chief of Teri, and on his death in 1843 was succeeded by his adopted son, Khwaja Muhammad Khan. Meanwhile, Sultan Muhammad Khan continued to govern the rest of the District through his sons though the country was generally in a disturbed state, and the upper Miranzai villages were practically independent. When the Sikh troops took up arms at Peshawar on the outbreak of the second Sikh War, GeorgetLawrence, the British officer there, took refuge at Kohat ; but Sultan Muhammad Khan played him false, and delivered him over as a prisoner to the Sikhs. At the close of the campaign,Sultan Muhammad Khan and his adherents retired to Kabul, and the District with the rest of Punjab was annexed to the British dominions. (Source: Imperial Gazetteer of India)

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