Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jafar tribe

The Jafars are a small Sarbani Afghan tribe, descended from Miyana, the brother of Tarin, Shirani, and Barech, and thus connected with the Lunis and Zmarais. They own lands in Musa Khel district. With the passage of time the Jafars have acquired a number of Baluch and Jatraki traits and now speak a language that is a mixture of Jatraki and Pashto and is called Jafarki.

They have the Pannis of Isot and Musa Khel branches on the West but on the east and south, the Bozadar Balochs dwell. From the incursions and encroachment of these people, Jafars have suffered, as well as others of the Miyana tribe.In former times, traders used to pass their territory , but the depredations of the Baloch tribes led them to take another route. [1]

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1- Raverty, Notes, p-514