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Jadun tribe

"Jadoons, Afghan frontier tribe, Soonee Mussulmans, Haazar", 1868. From "People of India" collection.

"The descent of Jadun Afghans, called Gaduns by the tribes about Peshawer, who change the letter 'jz' into 'g', is well known to those well acquainted with the genealogy of Pushtannah or Afghan nation, and who do not seek to produce them out of Hindus.They are descended from Jzadun, son of parnaey, and brother of Kakar, the two latter being sons of Danaey, son of Ghurghast, son of Qais Abdul Rashid . Jadun was one of the 18 sons of Pannaey. [Raverty, "Notes on Afghanistan and Baluchistan, p-217-8]

Jaduns accompanied the Khashi in the struggle against Dilazaks in expelling the latter from their lands north of river kabul; from the newly conquered country, the Jaduns were assigned the territory after battle of Katlang in the eastern part of the Yousafzai 'Samma' near the Indus, presently occupied by them.

When Bhaku Khan Yousafzai, in 1668 AD, attacked Hazarah , the Jaduns accompanied him and occupied the plains along-side Dor stream. This tribe from the very beginning had been with Yousafzai and the latter, for their services , gave Gandab area to them and the Utmanzai."

In Hazara also, their present holdings were given to them by the Yousafzai; the Rajoia tract to the Salars, the Dhamtaur and Nawanshahr to the Mansur Khels , and the Mangal, Jhangi and Bang to the Salars and Mansur Khels jointly.

The tribe is made up of three major divisions, the Salar, Mansur and Hasanzai, have multiplied into many sub-clans. The whole territory of the Salar, Hasanzai and much of that of the Mansur is in the Hazar mountains, being situated on both banks of the dor stream as far as the Urash valley. A portion of the tribe is settled in trans-indus territory on the southern and and western slopes of the Mahaban mountains. [Haroon Rashid, "History of the Pathans, Vol-III, pp-116-122]

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