Friday, January 23, 2015

Michan Khel tribe

The Michan Khels are descendents of Sud, a brother of Sarhang Niazaey. Mohsan , son of Jam, was a religous person. In his youth he used to wander about in the valleys and on the hills. Later, he stated getting fits when he used to lose control over himself and behave with religious fervor. Once, while returning in his state of mental disturbance from the hills and apparently berefit of his senses, someone remarked that today Mohsin had been turning and twisting about like a hand-mill. In Pashto language, a hand-mill is called a 'michan' and since then the name 'michan' was applied to him. Another account is that Mohsin Baba went to nearby forests in Lakki Marwat to contemplate when all of a sudden he heard the name of "Allah" from a distance by which he got inebriated and started dancing and in the state of ecstasy, he went beyond the jungle towards some lonely deserts. Those who had the chance to see him whirling like a "Mechan" called him as "Mechan Baba" and is remembered with this name to date.   He devoted himself to a religous life and is venerated by the Afghans as a saint and the Marwats,  Niazis and other local Pashtun tribes hold his family and his descendents in great veneration.

 Mohsin , the Michan, was sixth in lineal descent from Khako, son of Niazaey , son of Ibrahim Loedaey. His descendents are called the Michan Khel and are settled in the neighborhood of Marwats. It may be recalled, when the Sarhangs were ousted from Lakki tract by the Mahyars and Marwats, the Michan Khels, being a sacred clan, were left unmolested in their original holdings. Later , some of them moved to Rohkri. Michen Khel reside in Garhi Mir Alam, Munja Khel, Garhi Michan Khel and Ghoriwala of Bannu district and in Tatti Michan Khel of Lakki district. The descendents of Neku, brother of Michan, are settled in the Wana, Lakki, Bannu and Kamar Mushani tracts. One of the desendents of Shiekh Michan, Shiekh Mahmud moved to Isa Khel tract and founded a settlement now called Shiekh Mahmud wala.

The descendents of Michan Baba are reputed to posses charms against Snake bites, they are known to catch living snakes with no fear or danger. The tomb lying on the bank of the River kurram near Lakki is of famous Haji Mureed, a descendent of Michan and is known to be saint of great repute amongst the Marwats. Michan himself is buried at Wana in Wazir hills of South Waziristan and is visited as a sacred shrine by Marwats.


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