Monday, February 23, 2015

Tomb of Ibrahim Shah Suri

This was built in the memory of Sher Shah Suri’s grandfather, Ibrahim Suri, who used to be the ruler of Bengal. This tomb was created by Sheikh Ahmad Niyazi, who was the personal architect of Sher Shah Suri. The style of the tomb represents the Pathan style of architecture, which was prevalent at that time.
Sher Shah Suri (1538-46 A.D) had his tomb built in honour of his able grandfather, Ibrahim Khan, who served as an officer of the Lodhis at Narnaul. The monument was constructed under the supervision of Sheikh Ahmed Niyazi. There are two small graves along with. the grave of Ibrahim Khan inside the building. The tomb is a perfect example of the square tomb of the Pathan style characterised by its massive outlines, exquisite details, and pleasing interplay of colours. The creation, of a high terrace, double Storey simulation, bold archs, low domes, beautiful kiosks on curved pillars, selender turrets (guidastas), and elegant merions, give it. balanced strength and dexterity. The use of deep red, grey and white stone encaustic tile-work, painted ceiling with excellent brush work and subtle lapidary give it a richness which is unique among such buildings in Haryana1. The entrance built after the pattern of Hindu temples, shows beautiful carvings executed with a well-balanced colour scheme. The dome is balanced by four octagonal cupolas, placed at all the four corners of the terrace. The main dome is surmounted by a low dome, which rests on an octagonal drum, the corners of which are provided with small turrets.