Monday, 20 April 2015

Atia mosque of Bangladesh

Atia Mosque, Delduar, Tangail District, Bangladesh.

According to an inscription (preserved in Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka), the mosque was constructed by Sayyid Khan Panni, son of Bayazid Khan Panni in 1019 AH (1609 AD) during the reign of Emperor jahangir, in honour of Shah Baba Kashmiri. [Banglapedia]

Atia was formerly the headquarters of a pargana which Sayed Khan Panni, the founder of Karatia family got as a jagir fron Emperor Akbar. [Bangladesh District Gazetteers: Tangail , page- 281]

A great number of the Afghans belonging to Panni tribe from present-day Baluchistan province of Pakistan migrated at an early period to India , where from time to time , they have made themselves conspicuous under various dynasties and rulers.

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