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Tajiks are apparently original inhabitants of Persia; but nowadays the word is used throughout Afghanistan to denote any Persian speaking people who are not either Syed, Afghan, or Hazara ; much as Jat , or Hindki is used on the upper Indus to donate the speakers of Punjabi or its dialects. They are described by Dr.Bellow as peaceable, industrious, faithful and intelligent. In the villages they cultivate and in the towns they are artisans and traders, while almost all the clerical classes of Afghanistan are Tajiks. [1]

"The descendants of Arabs were styled Tajik who were born in and had grown up in Ajam. At present the term is used with respect to Persian speaking people who are neither Turks nor Arabs, and of which race the inhabitants generally of town and cities in Afghanistan, and several districts likewise under Afghan sway , and also of several independent states to the north, consist. The Afghans often style them "Tajik-Majik". Number of Arab tribes , or parts of Arab tribes settled in different parts of Ajam, after its conquest by the first muslim invaders , and several tribes dwelling among the Afghans , and often confounded with them , claim Arab descent. " [2]

In eighteenth century Afghanistan there was a strong distinction between the full citizens - the members of the free Afghan tribes - and the dependent non-Afghan population (Tajiks, etc.) who were generally called hamsayas (denizens) or faqir. [3]


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