Friday, November 20, 2015

Dogra Gulab Singh and Yousafzai Pashtuns .........the false account on Wikipedia

I came across this ridiculous passage on Wikipedia in the article on Gulab Singh, the Dogra ruler, which has been used as reference by many Indians on online forums,

.....Gulab Singh himself proceeded to Khyber Pakhtunwa region where Afghan tribesmen leader Painda Khan Afridi had raised revolt after the killing of Hari Singh Nalwa at the Khyber Pass. Maharaja Ranjit Singh ordered Rajah Gulab Singh to crush the revolt in the Khyber region. He proceeded with 10,000 Sikh and Dogra troops towards Hazara, the revolting tribesmen fled to the mountains with their families and valuables., Gulab Singh set his base camp in Hazara and looted almost whole of the North West Frontier Province and set on fire all the houses. He made Katuha his headquarters and hunted for Muslim Pashtun tribes.He offered one rupee for the head of every Yousafzai man brought to his feet. He had some of the women spared, but others were kept for Raja Gulab Singh's harem and the rest were sold as slaves in Lahore and Jammu. It was reported that this expedition resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of Pashtun rebels and thousands of women were sold into slavery.[2].[2]

 The reference for the above in the article is given as  Hastings Donnan, Marriage Among Muslims: Preference and Choice in Northern Pakistan, (Brill, 1997). I knew that no such incident has been documented in the history of North-West frontier but none the less i checked the source whether Donnan really has said such things in his book. When i read it, it dawned upon me that even the reference from his book has been changed and deformed. Here it is,

Marriage Among Muslims: Preference and Choice in Northern Pakistan - Hastings Donnan - Google Books

Note that,

1- Hastings Donnan gives reference from the accounts of local Dhunds, who are Hindkowans in Hazara and Pahari speakers in Kashmir

2- The Quote says that country of Hazara and Muree hills rose in revolt after death of Hari Singh at Jamrud, 1837, Gulab Singh was given the task of crushing it.

4- At the same time, Sudhans under Shamas Khan rose in revolt , all the forts of Jammu's Raja fell to them. Gulab Singh made Katuha his headquarter to suppress the rebellion in Jammu. He employed various tactics to crush the uprising at Jammu. He offered a reward of a Rupee for the head of every man , woman or child connected with the insurgents in Jammu (their caste or tribe is not specified)

5- The authors says that around 12,000 Sudhans, Dhunds and Satis got perished in the where he mentions that "tens of thousands of Yousafzais" got perished.

Regarding Wikipedia's content,

1-- Kathua or Katuha is not in Hazara, its a district on the far east side of Jammu, populated by Dogras. Wikipedia's content wrongly quote it as Katuha from Donnan's book while its actually Kahuta.

2--Painda Khan Tanoli, the famous chief of Amb, has been intentionally written as "Painda Khan Afridi".......It was Tanolis of Hazara under Painda Khan who rose against Sikhs in 1837 after death of Hari Singh. Afridis had no reasons to revolt when their region was not under Sikh rule to begin with.