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Ibrahim Khan Kakar (titled Dilawar Khan Kakar)

His real name was Ibrahim Khan,  from a reference in Akbarnama it appears that he was in the service of Daud Khan Karrani, the Afghan ruler of Bengal, and after the Mughal conquest, along with several other Afghans, entered into the service Mughals.

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Mausoleum of  Makhdoom Shah Daulat 

Mausoleum of a Sufi saint Makhdoom Shah Daulat (d 1608) in Patna was built in 1616 A.D Ibrahim Khan Kakar. Ibrahim Khan Kakar was a disciple of Makhdum Shah Daulat of Maner. Ibrahim was a poor man and in very straitened circumstances. Once, he was recommended by the saint to a Mughal officer, Khan Khanan, who took him along himself to Gujarat and employed him in his army. Ibrahim proved his worth and valour, rose in the Imperial service, and in Emperor Jahangir’s time, the title of Dilawar Khan was conferred on him.

He remained during the rest of the life in Kishtawar and Gujarat, and did excellent service there; as has been mentioned in the memoirs of Jahangir. He died in 1028 A.H. (1619 A.D). While in Gujarat, he planned the construction of the tank and the mausoleums at Maner and deputed a certain engineer, Tangur Kuli Khan of Badakshan, to make the project and prepare the drawings of the proposed buildings. This engineer made his plans, and probably started the construction of the tank, but he did not live long enough to see his whole project materialise. Ibrahim Khan Kakar was, however, more fortunate in this respect; for he saw the construction of all his proposed buildings, so close to his heart, fairly started; though he also died before the completion of the best of them. He died in the year 1619 A.D and was buried beside his spiritual guide, Makhdum Shah Daulat of Maner.

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