Sunday, 28 February 2016

Panorama of Kandahar (1878-1880)

This expansive panoramic view of Kandahar is from an album of rare historical photographs depicting people and places associated with the Second Anglo-Afghan War. Panoramic photographs employ a variety of techniques to create a wide angle of view. This panoramic view is comprised of five photographs set together to give the viewer a broader image than would have been possible with a single photograph. The city of Kandahar is seen in the two photo panels on the right, with British troops, horses, and tents in the foreground. The Chilzina (a chamber cut out of the mountain rock) and the ruined old citadel of Kandahar are in the distant background of the same two panels. Agricultural lands stretch across the entire panorama. A lone figure stands atop a rocky hillside in the inner panel on the left side.

Source: Library of Congress

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