Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Afghan Horse Dealers (1878-1880)

This photograph of a pair of Afghan horse dealers is from an album of rare historical photographs depicting people and places associated with the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The men in the image, by Sir Benjamin Simpson (1831–1923), both wear fine turbans. The one on the right has pointed shoes called paizaar, and his younger companion has two small leather pouches on his belt, probably holding money or ammunition. Simpson was an avid amateur photographer who spent many years in the Indian Medical Service and served as deputy surgeon general in the South Afghanistan Field Force, mostly in Kandahar, in 1880–81. He took many photographs of the city and its people in the months following the September 1880 victory in the Battle of Kandahar by Major General Frederick Roberts over Ghazi Mohammad Ayub Khan.

Source: Library of Congress

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