Thursday, 24 March 2016

Qais Abdul Rashid 's grave

Grave of Qais Abdul Rasheed Baba on Kasi Ghar (FR Dera Ismail Khan). I believe he must have been a great leader among Pashtuns long time ago......but as our history was not written down, so legend and tales were mixed with it. With time he was made into the progenitor of all Pashtuns. There are several examples in our history in which a tribe was named after a famous person rather than after actual progenitor. For example Isa khels (of Niazi) claim that they are descendants of Isa Khan Niazi , a famous noble of Sher Shah Suri. But Baburnama shows that Isa Khel was already a sizable tribe in Lakki tract in the beginning of 16th century.

Our lineage trees are not exactly correct, especially when it goes near Qais and his sons, there it becomes rather stuff of legend. With average of 30 years generation gap placed, still the lineage trees can not be correctly traced back to Qais, for example there is gap of 300 years between Malik Abdali and his father Sharkhabun.

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