Sunday, 10 April 2016

Kabul River, Old Bridge, Bala Hissar in the Distance

This photograph of the Kabul River and one of five bridges that crossed the river at the time is from an album of rare historical photographs depicting people and places associated with the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The river, a tributary of the Indus, is seen running through the center of the photograph. Soldiers stand atop the bridge, while people walk along the road in the distance. In the right foreground people sit or squat on the bridge; behind them soldiers ride by on horseback. Bala Hissar (High Fort) is in the background, just visible through the heat haze and trees. The locus of power in Kabul for many centuries, the fort was the site of fierce fighting and was partly destroyed in October–December 1879 when Sir Frederick Roberts occupied the city at the head of the Kabul Field Force.

Source: Library of Congress

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