Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sheikh Mali Yousafzai

Shaikh Mali was a prominent Yousafzai writer and historian, a minister of Malik Ahmad Khan who lived during the time of Mughal King Babur. He settled the revenue system of Yousafzai and wrote a book named 'Daftar-e-Shaikh Mali' on the topic of revenue and division of land. The work of Shaikh Mali actually predate Rowshanites literature. The book has not been obtained but was popular in the Yousafzai of Swat and elsewhere.

It is believed that his work was kept secret even at the time of Khushal Khan Khattak because the feudal lord wanted to finish the collective system of distribution of lands and to take the personal possession of them.

 According to Khushal,
په سوات کښی دی دوه څیزه یو خفی دی بل جلی
مخزن د درویزه دی بل دفتر د شیخ مالی

"There are two things in Swat, one is hidden and the other one evident
the one is "Makhzan of Akhond Darwaiza, and the other is "Daftar of Shaikh Mali"

Shaikh Mali also wrote the history of Yousafzai and their conquest of Swat in 820 AH.
Rowshan khan writes about Shaikh Mali
"He was a good writer and poet. Among his books, two Pashto books are known. one of them is said to have been written in prose,and the other is in verse. both of the books have the same name "Fatheh-e-Swat". These books are on the topic of history."

Rowshan Khan refers to "Ameenaullah khan" who says that Shaikh Mali book "Da Swat fatah" is the first book of pashto which is available in the "British Museum of london"

Rowshan khan also refers to Abdul Salam khan as saying.
"Da first book of pushto is "Fateh-e-Swat", which was written by Shaikh Mali and is available in my library"