Friday, November 11, 2016

Sher Shah Suri: A Fresh Perspective by Basheer Ahmad Khan Matta [Review]

There is nothing fresh and new in Basheer Ahmad Khan Matta's book "Sher Shah Suri: A Fresh Perspective".......i do not recommend it for those to buy it who have already read "Tarikh-i-Sher Shahi", "History of Afghans" by B.Dorn and "Sher Shah :a critical study" by K.R.Qanungo.......the author, who is Secretary Foreign Affairs Awami National Party, has simply meshed together content from other works and translated primary sources without critically examining and evaluating it from 'fresh perspective'.........The book has not brought some thing fresh to the table even though lot of new information has been surfaced after K.R.Qanungo wrote his book on Sher Shah in 1921. The author has not gone through the original sources of information in Persian, has not consulted any source which has not been translated from original Persian to other languages.

The author is declaring Ghurids to be Pashtuns on the basis of the Pata Khazana, assuming silence about the fact that authenticity of Pata Khazana has always been questioned, that Pashto scholar Qalander Mohmand has proved it to be a forgery of recent times in his book "Pata Khazana fil Mezan"..............Ghurids were not Pashtuns. Minhaj al-Siraj Juzjani, born in Ghor in 1193 AD, who wrote Tabqat-i-Nasiri, traces the genealogy of Ghurid kings to Zuhak bin Tazi. In Tarikh-i-nama Herat , Kurts of Herat (a Ghurid dynasty) are not mentioned as Afghans. At one place it says "Afghans, Ghuris and Heratis". The source has devoted some chapters to expeditions of Kurts against Afghans in Afghanistan on behalf of Mongols. Afghan traditional accounts itself consider Ghurids to be non-Pashtun in the legendary story of Shah Hussain Ghori and Bibi Mato.............. (Khan Barmazid)