Monday, December 5, 2016


According to Khulasat ul-Ansab of Hafiz Rahmat Khan (1708–1774) ;

"Although the Swatis are not originally Afghans , but, having adopted both the Afghan language and habits, and being mixed up with them , they go by the name of Afghans, and are numbered among them. They are related to have originally resided in the territories of Swat and Bajaur ; but at the time when the Yousafzais obtained a decided predominance , and reduced the whole of Takht Uljabal to their sway, they emigrated to Swat. They (Yousafzais) engaged in frequent wars with the inhabitants of Swat ; and eventually succeeded in expelling them entirely from thence, and in forcing them to settle there, occupying Swat for themselves. The Swatis emigrated to the kingdom of Pakhli , which lies between the dominion of the Yousafzais and Kashmir , where they reside up to the present day. They are broken into three divisions : 1. Gebari ; 2. Mutaravi ; 3. Mumiali. The Gebaris are so named , because Gebari is the name of a place in Bajaur , where they had been settled. The Mutaravis reckon themselves to be descended from the Yousafzais; and contend, that their ancestors had been separated from the Yousafzais by some circumstance at the time when the Yousafzais lived in the environs of Kandahar , in the kingdom of Garra and Voshki (Noshki?) , when they took up their abode in Swat ; but this assertion is unfounded. The Mumiali, who are considered as one khail, originally are composed of different khails of Derrani and others" [B.Dorn's translation]