Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Rohtasgarh or Rohtas fort (Bihar)

The Rohtasgarh Fort or Rohtas Fort is one of the ancient forts of India located in a small town of Rohtas in Bihar. This fort rose to prominence after captured by Sher Shah Suri in 1539 from a Hindu Raja. Sher Shah kept his treasures in this Rohtas Fort, and it was held by garrison of 10,000 matchlock men or troops armed with fire-arms, and the command over them was entrusted to Ikhtiyar Khan Panni, one of his Amirs. The Jami Masjid of Rohtasgarh bears a Persian inscription recording its construction by Azam Humayun Haibat Khan Niazi in 1543.
It is recorded that there were thirty villages on its top ; it was spacious and there was so much cultivation there. There was considerable flow of water from its top. There were fruit-bearing orchards and a single narrow path led up to it which could not be negotiated on horse-back.

As regard the size of the fort of Rohtas , the imperial gazetteer of India records that it remains now occupy a part of the plateau about four miles east to west and five miles from north to south with a circumference of nearly twenty eight miles. 

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