Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tarklanri tribe

The Tarklanris of Bajaur, 1897

The Tarklanri are the descendants of Tarak son of Khashi by his wife Bassu. In the 15th century, they had accompanied the Yousufzi to Kabul area from Helmand area. When the Yousufzi left Kabul (1480-81), the Tarklanris with their chief Malik Sarkhabi, son of Shamu were settled in Laghman area. They overrun Bajaur about the end of 16th century and now hold its valleys as below : the Chaharmung and Babukara valleys (by the Salarzai sept), the Watalai (by the Mamund sept, which also holds a large tract in Shortan, Hinduraj and Marawara on the northern slopes of the watershed between Bajaur and the Kunar valleys), the Baraul and Jandol valleys (by the Isazai) and the Maidan (by the Ismailzai).


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