Thursday, 29 March 2018

Sher Shah Sur kills a tiger

Farid Khan (future Sher Shah Sur) kills a tiger. From comics by Amar Chitra Katha

The author of Tarikh-i-Daudi states that Darya Khan Nuhani (Afghan governor of Bihar) asked Daulat Khan Nuhani, a brother of his, to carry out some work which he refused to carry out on account of it being difficult. Darya Khan Nuhani, having grown angry with his brother, asked Farid who happened to be then present in his court to carry it out, assuring him that in case he accomplished the work, he would be conferred upon the title of Sher Khan, a title which was previously held by the father of Daulat Khan. Farid in short time carried out the assigned task and came back to Darya Khan Nuhani who in the meanwhile had died. Farid continue to serve Bahar Khan, the son of Darya Khan Nuhani, who took the title of Sultan Muhammad Shah. One day in the course of hunting by Sultan Muhammad , Farid killed a tiger with a sword and in recognition of it , he was conferred upon the title of Sher Khan that was already promised to him by his father (late Darya Khan). [Tarikh-i-Ser-Sahi footnotes, p-139, B.P. Ambasthya's translation]

That Darya Khan Nuhani was amongst the earliest patrons of the celebrated Farid Khan Sur is evident from the expression in Hilsa inscription "Bar-Awurdah-i-Darya Khan Zangi Hud Nuhani Khas Khail", i.e., "brought out or elevated by Darya Khan" etc. [ "Bihar in the time of the last two Lodi Sultans of Delhi", S. H. Askari, PIHC, Vol-18, p-155]

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