Thursday, 15 March 2018

Tafazzul Husain Khan, Nawab of Farrukhabad, 1857

Major Raverty (author of "Selections from the Poetry of the Afghans") saw Nawab Taffazul Hussain Khan and gives the following description of him ;

" Little did I imagine, whilst stationed in the Punjab a few years since, that I should behold the last of the Nawabs of Farrukhabad, escorted by a party of my own regiment, conducted, on foot, with fetters on his legs, through the streets of Nassick, in Western India (where I then was stationed in command of a detachment), on his way to undergo perpetual banishment at Makka, for the share he took in the massacre at Farrukhabad, during the late rebellion in India. He had been sentenced to death; but his punishment was commuted to perpetual exile, in any place he might select. He chose Makka in Arabia, where, I have since heard, he subsists on alms. I spoke a few words to the wretched man at Nassick; the first he had heard in kindness, he said, for many long days. He appeared to be any thing but what one might expect, from all that has been proved against him. He was rather fair, slightly made, and about thirty years of age. To me, he appeared very wretched and heart-broken. He was only an Afghan in name: the centuries of admixture of Indian blood, by intermarriage with the people of the country, had left little of the Afghan blood remaining."

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