Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tak or Tank

1844's description of Tak town ;

"Tak, in Afghanistan, a thriving town of the Derajat, is situated north of Dera Ismael Khan, and twenty-six miles west of the Indus. It is surrounded by a strong and high mud wall, surrounded by towers; within is a citadel of burnt brick, having a high tower at each of the four corners, and mounted with twelve pieces of cannon. It has some transit trade, being situate on a route from east to west, which crosses the Suliman range to the north of the Goolairee Pass. The surrounding country is fertile and populous, being crowded with good villages, but it is not healthy, the heat in summer being intense, and the water bad. The Afghan khan or chief has a revenue of about 150,000 rupees per annum, on which he lives in petty state, though obliged to pay the Sikhs a tribute of 60,000 rupees annually. Tak is celebrated for fine fruits, grapes, oranges, pomegranates, apples, and especially mulberries." ["A Gazetteer of the Countries Adjacent to India on the North-West", Vol-2, by Edward Thornton, p-263]

Old city gate , Tak