Saturday, 21 April 2018

Abdul Ghani Khan attends Louisiana State University [1931]

1931 press photo : Abdul Ghani Khan attends Louisiana State University

" Son of ex-King of Afghan..... now U.S collegian

Abdul Ghani (Khan), eldest son of former king Abdul Ghaffar Khan of Afghanistan, who has temporarily deserted his once Royal house for an American College Campus. He is enrolled for freshman work in sugar Chemistry at the Louisana State University and says he will avoid political life in favour of a career in this field. The young man's father was elected king of Afghanistan just after the World War and was almost immediately deposed. Ghani, who studied in England for two years with a private tutor just before coming to America for his first visit, says he likes America because it is democratic and cosmopolitan"

Note: American journalist are mistaking Abdul Ghaffar Khan to be the king of Afghanistan by doing translation of Badshah Khan, his title.

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