Sunday, 1 April 2018

Shinwari tribe

Shinwaraey was the son of Kasi. It is not known when they got separated from the parent tribe. Notwithstanding, their genetic link with the Kasis, they are known as an independent tribe. In sixteenth century , they along with the Ghoria Khels moved eastwards and ousted the Gigyanis, Tarklanris, and Muhammadzai from Ningarhar. In Afghanistan where the major portion of the tribe presently resides , they occupy the northern slopes of the Spin Ghar from Landi Kotal westward.

Azad Khan, a Shinwari Malik, 1878. A sketch by William Simpson

Pozai Khan, A Shinwari Musician, 1879

Major Cavagnari arranging with the Shinwaris for the protection of the road from Dakka to Lundi Khana , Second Anglo-Afghan War. Illustration for The Illustrated London News, 25 January 1879

Inhabitants of Khyber : Shinwari , Afridi and Orakzai, 1827-1843. By Imam Bakhsh Lahori.


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