Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chahar Chata bazaar, Kabul

'The Sacking of the Great Bazar of Caubul, 1842' Ink wash over pencil sketch by George Alfred Croly , 1843. National Army Museum.

"The western portion of the New Bridge was the site of the Char Chata (Four Arcades), at one time the most significant bazar in Afghanistan. The bazar, ascribed to 'Ali Mardan Khan, the Mughal governor of the Kabul province (Soba) during the reign of Shah Jahan (1628–1657), was handsomely laid out and greatly embellished with paintings. Four covered arcades were separated from each other by open squares, originally provided with wells and fountains. The structure was destroyed by the British when they demolished almost the whole city in revenge for annihilation of their entire army in the First Anglo-Afghan War." [Government and Society in Afghanistan: The Reign of Amir ‘Abd Al-Rahman Khan By Hasan Kawun Kakar, p-136]

Entrance to the Chahar Chata bazaar, Kabul, c.1937. 


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