Friday, 11 May 2018

The Nawabs of Savanur

The Nawab of Savanur (Karnataka, South India) and his sons, 1862.

The rulers of princely state of Savanur were Indianized descendants of Miana Pashtuns. The Miana tribe belongs to the Saraban division of Pashtuns, descended from Mianaey son of Sharkhabun son of Ibrahim alias Saraban. Most of its clans have become extinct or have lost their identity. Their en-masse migration to India greatly weakened them and they fell easy prey to their Baluch neighbors. Lunis, Jafars, Zamaris and Gharshins are the surviving clans of Mianas in Pashtunkhwa. They have adopted the customs and traditions of Baluchs. [Reference: "History of Pathans", Haroon Rashid, Volume-1, p-408]

Mianas were among the great nobles and feudatories of the Adil Shahi Sultans of Bijapur. The rulers of Savanur were descendants of Jan-Nisar Khan Miana who held the personal rank of 2,000 horse in the reign of Ismael Adil Shah who ruled from 1510 to 1535 AD. [ "Notes on Afghanistan and part of Balochistan", H.G.Raverty, p-516]

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