Friday, July 20, 2018

Nimla or Mimla garden (Nangarhar province)

The Nimla garden (Khogiani district, Nangarhar) was planted by Mughal emperor Babur (not to be confused with Bagh-i-Babur of Kabul).

Nimla village lies about 5 miles east of Gandamak and 30 miles from Jalalabad. Its inhabitants are Khogiani Afghans.

Mughal emperor Jahangir hunted a female panther between the Nimlah and Bagh-i-Wafa (Jalalabad). "On the 24th, between the garden of Wafa and Nimlah, a hunt took place, and nearly forty red antelope were killed. A female panther (yuz) fell into our hands in this hunt. The zamindars of that place, Laghmanis, Shall, and Afghans, came and said that they did not remember nor had they heard from their fathers that a panther had been seen in that region for 120 years". [Tuzuk-e-Jahangiri, ‎Henry Beveridge's translation, p-125]

Note: Note: The original, and correct name of the place is Nimla'h, not Mimla'h. The garden was planted by Mughals and they named it Nimla'h. Siraj al-Tawarikh of Faiz Mohammad Katib Hazara (published in 1912), an official national history, also spell it as Nimla'h. All the 19th century British sources also spell it as Nimlah.

Nimlah or Mimlah Bagh (Khogiani district, Nangarhar), with soldiers in the foreground, taken by John Burke in 1878.