Saturday, 18 August 2018

An Utmanzai , 1868

An Utmanzai Yousafzaey (Mandanr), 1868. From Watson and Kaye collection.

Description given with the photograph

"The subject of the Photograph is nearly as fair as an Englishman, with dark eyes, and is five feet nine inches in height. His dress consists of a green cotton turban, with border and ends of crimson silk and gold; a dark blue loongee or waist cloth, sometimes worn over the shoulders as a scarf, and sometimes as a girdle, with a border of crimson silk, and ends of crimson silk and gold. This, with loose trousers of cotton cloth, completes the costume. In cold weather a sheep-skin choga or pelisse, or a tunic of quilted cotton, is worn over all. "

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