Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Historical photographs of Balochs and Brahuis

Shopping party of Marri Balochs from the Bolan Pass engaged in bargain-hunting, Quetta, 1920. Photo by V.S.Manley.

A group of Brahuis , Quetta, 1898 (c).

Alam Khan Kalpar, Bugti Baloch, c.1870. (Kalpar is a branch of Bugti tribe).

Two Balochs, 1875. Photo by Bourne & Shepherd.

Brahui family, Quetta, 1916 (c).
A Baloch grave adorned with translucent Travertine, 1909 (c).

A Baluchi woman weaving a carpet at the entrance of her hut, 1909.

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