Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Kusumba Mosque

Kusumba Mosque is one of the surviving Afghan monuments in Bengal (Naogaon District, Bangladesh). It was built in 966 A.H. (1558 A.D.) during the reign of Sultan Ghiyath al-Din Bahadur Shah ( Khizr Khan Sur ) by a high-ranking official named Sulaiman. Stone, though scarce, was used in most of the finest monuments of Bengal. Only six stone mosques exist in greater Bengal that were built during the Sultanate period. Kusumba mosque is one of them. Stones of this mosque are dark black-basalt which was shipped from Rajmahal hill of Bihar.

Khizr Khan crowned himself and took the title of Bahadur Shah in 1556 and later in that year he invaded Bengal and defeated the governor of Adil Shah Sur. In 1557 he defeated and killed Adil Shah Sur and the whole of Bihar passed into his hands. In 1558 he attempted to expel Mughals from northern India but he failed in his endeavor. Bahadur Shah ruled Bengal and Bihar from 1556 to 1561.

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