Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Mohmand chiefs, 1868

Mohmand chiefs, 1868. From Watson and Kaye collection.

"The Momunds are Soonnee Mussulmans, agriculturists, graziers, and traders. They are, for the most part, fine, powerful men, with the strong Jewish physiognomy of real Afghans, from whom they are descended. Many of them served in the cavalry of the Mahomedan Emperors of Delhi, and their descendants are not unfrequently met with among the Pathans of the North- West Provinces, and of India generally. In complexion, the Momunds are frequently fair, and all are handsome; their costume does not differ from that of other Afghans of the mountain tribes, and there are no special peculiarities of their clans which require particular remark. They make excellent soldiers, and are esteemed as brave and expert swordsmen. The Photograph represents two chiefs of this powerful clan." ["The People of India" — Volume 5]