Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Minar-i Chakri , 10 miles south east of Kabul. From "The Defence of Jellalabad" by Major Gen. Sir R. H. Sale / drawn on stone by W. L. Walton, 1842.

The Buddhist monument Minari-i-Chakari, dating to the Second century A.D., was hit by a rocket and tumbled to the ground in March 1998.

Restoration efforts had been made in 1923 and again in 1974-76. Minar-i Chakri was used as target practice by a Soviet tank corps in 1983 and the column's shaft and capital were heavily damaged by the Tank shelling.

Minar-i Chakri, 1879 (c).

Column of MinĂ¡r Chakri. sketch by Charles Masson, etched Sept. 1836

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