Monday, 4 March 2019

Muhammad Akbar Khan ( 1816–1845)

Portrait of Akbar Khan. The Illustrated London News, 1842

Amir Akbar Khan

Mahommed Akbar Khan, 1842. Coloured lithograph after Lieutenant Vincent Eyre. National Army Museum.

'Akbar Khan, son of Dost Mohammed, 1840 (c). Miniature on ivory by a East India Company artist, 1840 (c). National Army Museum

'Akhbar Khan and Her Majesty's Envoy in Afghanistan', 1841. Lithograph by and after Richard Evan Sly, published by Blackwood & Page, Strand, April 1844. 

Akbar khan, beloved son of Dost Mohammed Khan, emir of Afghanistan, engraving by Lemaitre and Gibert from Afghanistan by Xavier Raymond, from Tararie, Belouchistan, Boutan et Nepal by Louis Dubeux (1798-1863) and Valmon

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