Khawas Khan, a Marwat or house-born slave of Sher Shah Suri?
Mujahideen Movement of Syed Ahmad Bareilvi
Tattoo markings amongst Ghilzais
Marauders and robbers of Waziristan
Sher Shah Suri's action against Balochs in Punjab
Tirahi people (a Dardic race)
Afghans in Hudud-i-Alam
Bollywood Khans -  Are they really related to Pashtuns?
Jalore dynasty of Nuhani (Lohani) Afghans in Rajputana
Aimal Khan was an Afridi, not a Mohmand
Aurangzeb's punitive actions against Baloch tribes and role of Shah Hussain Saddozai in it
Fraud of Pata Khazana
Uprising of Orissa Afghans, 1696
Roshniya Movement
The role of Pashtuns in the war of succession of Mughals
Khyber Pass in Imperial Politics of the Mughals
History of Kafiristan
Secret behind the desperate valour of Rajputs in battle : Opium
Major H.G.Raverty on historical truth about Mir Chakar Rind
Perilous journey of Man Singh Kachwaha through Khyber Pass
An account of a clash between Pashtuns and Rajputs
Kakars in Medieval India
Persian story about origin of Afghans
When Vijaynagra empire admitted Muslims into its army
First Bahmani -  Vijayanagar war (1362-1366)
H.G.Raverty on Ghurids
Sher Shah Suri was a Pashto speaker
Presence of rhinoceroses in Afghanistan ( in the vicinity of Khyber pass) in 16th century
Marathas never captured Peshawar, even their conquest of Attock is doubted by many historians
Dogra Gulab Singh and Yousafzai Pashtuns .........the false account on Wikipedia
Sayyid or Syed Sultans of Delhi were Afghans
Potohar and the Salt range under the sway of Pashtuns
Role of Afghans in Adil Shahi Kingdom of Bijapur
Pakhto or Hard dialect is not original one
Afghan nobility under Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb
Mughal - Yousafzai war (1667-1670)
Pashtun soldiers in the imperial army of Mughals
History of Pashtun tribal settlements in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province
Mahmud of Ghazni and the Pashtuns
Ancestral home of Sher Shah Suri (Dera Ismail Khan)
Durrani influence in Northern India during the decay of Mughal empire
Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and the Afghans
Mongol-Afghan conflict during the period of Delhi Sultanates
Talpur-Kalhora conflict and Kabul
When Jats desecrated Akbar's mausoleum
Shal and Bolan
A Century of Pashtun Leaders from Kunar to Swat

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